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Groundsman, Cleaners and Team

You will always find our Groundsman zipping around on the ATV, mowing lawns or fixing fences in the park, be sure to stop and have a chat. Buster loves to help out with some Groundsman duties and like to keep our park looking its best.

Cleaners and team.

We have a great team of cleaners who are such an important part of our team. Wendy has been with us for many years and now Erana, Terri, Sharon and Buster are all helping on a regular basis. It is such an important part of our business so we greatly appreciate their hard work. 

Now that you've met our team it's time to come and experience our wonderful Waihi Beach accommodation first-hand at Bowentown Beach Holiday Park.

Come and join our family and become part of the family parks Tribe!!!

Groundsman, Cleaners and Team
Bowentown Beach Holiday Park