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 Overview of Bowentown Beach Holiday Park Services


Office hours: 8:30am – 06:30pm. afterhours check-ins available on request
Shop Hours: 8:30am – 06:30pm
Credit cards accepted: Visa and Mastercard
Telephone: Card phone for visitors to use beside the office
Internet Kiosk: $2 for 20 minutes
WiFi: Wireless internet available from all areas of the Park. Vouchers for purchase available from Office.
Will be taken at reception. If there is a message for you, your name will be called out over the P.A  system when busy or put on blackboard outside office.
Laundry: Situated opposite the games room. The washing machines and dryers take $2 and $1 coins. Iron and Ironing boards are available.
Showers: All showers are metered (50c for 6 minutes). Change is available at reception.


  • Convenience store
  • Modern shower facilities (metered)
  • Children’s play area
  • TV room and library for the adults
  • Games Room and TV room for the children
  • Baby’s bath
  • BBQ Area
  • Fish cleaning area
  • Wireless internet  hot spot
  • Dump station with filtered water for tank filling
  • High speed Internet kiosk
  • Linen hire
  • New communal Kitchen/Dining
  • Boogie board hire
  • Fun bike hire
  • Bike Hire
  • Filtered water is in the kitchen
  • DVD's for hire
Park Information and Rules:

Bowentown Beach Holiday Park is a peaceful family Waihi Beach accommodation. We kindly ask for your consideration and co-operation in respecting our camp rules to ensure that the park is kept safe and pleasant for all our guests.

We have to be strict on certain matters to keep the atmosphere in our holiday park enjoyable for everyone.

Arrival Time: 12 noon at the earliest. (2pm at peak times)

Departure: 10am at the latest.

Noise Control: We ask everyone to keep the noise down after 10.30 pm and before 7am.

Speed: Walking pace only for all vehicles within the park. Please adhere to this for the safety of all people and especially the small children in the park.

Messages/Mail: Names for any messages taken or mail received are then written on black board in front of office.

Pets: No dogs or other pets are allowed within the park’s grounds. We do allow small pets during our low season by arrangement only.

Visitors: Visitors are welcome while you are in the park, but we do ask that they do us the courtesy of reporting to the office first before entering the site areas. No visitor cars are allowed in the park. Leaving time for visitors is 10 pm at the latest. A small charge of $3 applies per person for using the holiday park facilities.

Sites: The site you are allocated will be large enough to accommodate a caravan & awning or tent and one car only. Any extra cars are to be parked outside the park. We will endeavour to find parking for your boat if you cannot fit it on your site. 

Refunds:  No refunds are given for cancelations or cutting your holiday short due to indifferent weather. Days booked are days paid for.

Playground: The children’s play area is closed at dusk until 7am. Please ensure your children know the rules and are careful while using the trampoline and the sea saw. We are not responsible for their behaviour.

Freezer: Freezer packs can be frozen in the kitchen freezer. Please make sure they are well named. No bottles or bait are to be put in the freezer.

Fridge: Anything put in the kitchen fridge must be clearly named, otherwise it will be removed.

Vacant Sites: Please refrain from parking on vacant sites as it causes problems for new arrivals trying to get onto their site. If we can not locate you and you are parked on a vacant site we may need to tow your vehicle so new arrivals can get onto their sites.

Rubbish: To help us with the problem of litter, please take the tops off plastic bottles and squash them before putting them in the recycling bins. Please place cans and tins in the appropriate bins. There are also wheelie bins for clear plastic, paper and cardboard and milk bottles which are all clearly labeled. We also provide bins for food scraps which will go to the local pig farmer. We also have a small bin for recycling old batteries.

Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages are only permitted on the sites so please don’t wander around while drinking. 

Bank: The bank below the B-sites is fragile as it is just sand. Please ensure everyone stays off it and uses the path instead, as it is much safer.

Bikes, Roller Blades, Scooters and Skateboards: No racing around the facilities or down the driveway please and no riding after dark. Please make sure your children follow these rules. If not, we will have to confiscate their bikes and scooters for 1 day.

Electrical Warrants: All caravans must have a current warrant before connecting to the power points.

Security: We have security patrolling the park twice a night or more often if necessary. They have the authority to ask any campers who are making to much noise after 10.30pm to be quiet or take appropriate action. Also we have several security cameras around the park.

Boat Motors: Strictly no flushing of boat motors except between 11.00 and 12.00am and 3.00 and 4.00pm.

Trees: As we have a lot of trouble establishing trees we would very much appreciate it if you have any small trees near you if you could water them for us.

Games Room: The power to the air hockey, TV and game machines will be switched off at 11.00pm. Please vacate the building by this time.

Smoking: Please remember the new law. No smoking allowed in public areas, please also be respectful of other campers around you.